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Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl are Cheaters of the Day

Actor’s are full of shit. They are self absorbed liars. There is no such thing as some kind of schizophrenia that takes over them and that makes them become this whole new person who they are playing, where they take on their roll that intensely, especailly when you’re a talentless piece of shit like Ashton Kutcher who only has a career because of his looks, making him a lot like every whore who works in a bar or restaurant wearing a low cut top, only not as interesting to look at.

So when I saw these pictures of him and Katherine Heigl kissing, I felt the need to post the shit, because both these motherfuckers are married and where I come from, making out with girls for work has never been a good enough for my wife to accept, and just because I would love my wife to make out with another dude, maybe fall in love with him, and get her to leave me the fuck alone because I hate her, doesn’t mean seeing this level of adultery doesn’t offend me or my Christian morals.

Leading me to officially understand why I have always hated him, because I knew he sold his soul to the devil and was some kind of heathen, now I just have the evidence as to why he needs to be executed.

Here are the spouses…..

Here is Ashton and Katherine Heigl doing some Bikini scene, where they kept Heigl clothed, because she has a dumpy piece of shit of a body…..

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  • Pike

    They’re filming a movie together. Notice the camera and film equipment in the first and last shots?

  • Lala

    LOVE KH’s dress – anyone know who makes it???

  • Lala

    Ack – never mind: is Oscar de la Renta and a zillion dollars. She looks amazing, though!

  • Borg Queen

    I love how Demi follows Ashton to all of his movie shoots to ensure no cheating with the younger female co-stars. Even though there were several blind items about (1) how PotatoeHead Willis caught Ashton cheating on her mom Demi, (2) Demi and Ashton were quietly tryin to work thru their fidelity problems. Since Demi ushered in the cougar phenomen.

  • mandy

    you’re an idiot. they’re filming a movie. and guess what? when you’re dating an actor/actress, it comes with the territory. that’s like telling a whore she’s not supposed to have sex, you knew what she was when you got with her and to tell her not to do what she’s been doing BEFORE you were in the picture is retarded.


    I’m not even gonna try tackling the psychotic text of this post.My question is: How was Kutcher even able to screen out Cat’s ashtray breath? I’ve seen her around town.Not healthy looking.Not hot…at all.At least there’s nothing wrong with his eyes.Who’s the sista’ with the curly hair in that last thumb? He needs to mack that.Maybe get Demi to go along with some reverse ice cream sandwich action.

  • mick


  • Hey cocksukker. That looks like camera gear and a camera tech person in the background of some of the shots. Look to me like they’re on set shooting a take fucknutz.

  • Seriously

    Seriously dude, I hope this is satire, but if it’s not, it’s laughable how you say you have Christian morals, but you have a ton of porn ads. Not to mentions, I don’t recall “Christians” using that kind of language or wishing death on someone, unless you’re a right wing Christian.

  • Alma

    Seriously. I TOTALLY agree with the article!!!!!!!!!!! No one COMPLETELY transforms, blah, blah, blah… There is something there and they all know it! Ashton is a hot piece of ass and so is Katherine. It amazes me how people fall for the old “This is their job” line. Behind every diss, is a simple, yet solid truth!

  • for gawdsakes

    Get a life before jumping to conclusions. They are shooting for a movie

  • kacky

    It’s mentioned throughout, you harpies. “There is no such thing as some kind of schizophrenia that takes over them and that makes them become this whole new person who they are playing, where they take on their roll that intensely…” “…making out with girls for work …” Gawd, how much more would they have to say before you would see it? SOME of us don’t need to be spoon fed.

  • nunya

    Kacky, GOD, THANK you…you fucking idiots can’t read?!

  • Kesh

    Yummm, that’s what ashtray and douche taste like.

  • kacky

    Hi five, Nunya!

  • kacky

    Maybe it’s because it was spelled “roll”. That’s kind of a 3rd grade mistake.

  • Diana

    Check every movie Kutcher has made since getting with Demi. If there even is a female of appropriate age in the movie with him she will not be overly attractive. Also any kissing or sex scenes are very mild ~ almost non-existent you might say. He is so seriously pussy-whipped!!!!

  • Bob Smith

    There’s nothing interesting about this woman.

    And I’m guessing that someday, some simple-minded man will marry her and will learn the phrase “hell on earth” to describe his every day existence.

  • Trap Them and Kill Them

    Pike,mandy,cocksukka,etc.,watch out for steamrollers,you oblivious fucknsuches,but do drop by tomorrow for your daily evisceration,Jesus F. Motocross,hope your ignorant ilk comprise my jury pool next time i’m arrested covered in someone else’s blood…

  • yeah… right, like a young vacationing woman would wear an Oscar de la Renta dress that costs over 1600 $.

  • cowbulls

    I’ve heard that if you have steak and lobster every night (Demi), you eventually get tired and want a hamburger (Katherine). I just don’t think that Katherine would be the one. She’s not attractive.

  • bitchasswhore

    Whatever she is a fine ass bitch and all of you would tap that if she was interested in any of you.