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Some UK Big Brother Weirdness of the Day

Here are UK Big Brother stars and lovers Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton. These kind of trash make no fucking sense to me, he’s a bodybuilder who has been in numerous British Reality shows, a serial reality TV attention craving vane piece of shit, and she’s the girl fucking him with a set of tits so fucking stupid only someone who feel inadequate in all other aspects of her life would get, leading them to make total assholes of themselves every time they leave the house, hoping someone will care about their really big heads, seriously check out those things, here are the pics.

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  • Andrew

    Don’t worry, we don’t give a shit about them in the UK either. And oh look it’s Lady Gaga!!

  • Rihanna

    I like to snoball Chris Brown’s thick gooey spunk into Lady Gaga’s mouth and then have Chris smack me around , maybe give me a good anal PUNISHMENT FUCK with my mouth gagged . I want my asshole to be GAPIN’ after my assRAPIN’ !

  • Rihanna

    step on the back of my head with your steel toe boot , make me eat your shitty bunghole , jerk off into my eyes and put a bag over my head , yank my cunt lips and punch my tits

  • nunya

    is that thing in the middle of these clowns lady gagme?

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Rihanna, sounds like the beginning of a party.

    I have a spot for you in my basement.

  • RIahNNa Redux

    me and cris are back together

  • 1001001

    Hey Rihanna – I want to beat you up too! Come over here you dumb bitch.

  • RIahNNa part 3Redux

    hey guys leave me alone i love bondage

  • Rihanna

    Sorry guys , I’m back with Chris . I can’t wait for our first argument . After he pops me in the jaw for being a pain , maybe he’ll sock me in the ribs for good measure ; BODY BLOW BODY BLOW ! He’ll stick his fingers in my fat nostrils and drag me to the bathroom and shove my head into icy water , like he did the night I fell in love with him . Re united and it feels so good ….

  • Rihanna

    I’m pretty sure tonight he’ll make me eat his shit off of the bathroom floor , smash me face into the glass shower enclosure , maybe a little torso work BODY BLOW BODY BLOW

  • Bob Smith

    Which is the guy and which is the tranny in the photo?

  • chris brown is the best all u f0ckin haters r mad because he is famous and r not

  • Chris Brown has a very girly face.