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Jaime Pressly Buying Panties of the Day

I’ve spent many afternoons when I had nothing better to do, or even when I did have better things to do, sitting in or outside of an underwear store, you know window shopping, and by window shopping I mean following girls I wanted to fuck around to see what their little slut hands grabbed onto, because there is nothing hotter than watching them play out whether the sheer thong is going to make their ass look good and trying to figure out what they are planning on wearing it for, because even the most conservative girl has a naughty pair of panties, and I like to be the guy creepin on them when they buy it. The only mistake I’ve made with this hobby is overstaying my welcome and being banned from the store for offering my expert opinion or my help for trying anything on…

So seeing Jaime Pressly buying panties hits close to home and I like it.

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  • n2tattoos

    why pretend? you know bitch doesn’t wear any.