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Brian Austin Green’s Hot Cunt Holdin Her Shirt Closed of the Day

Here’s Megan Fox trying to hold her tits in her shirt because she doesn’t want all you perverts who have been waiting to see that shit for the last 2 years she’s been around, to see it and realize that she’s got no nipples, or that one is totally uneven from the other, or that she’s all nipple, or that she is actually a man, or god fuckin’ knows what, but there’s not way there’s nothing seriously wrong with this girl. Everyone balances out, if you’re ugly or fat, you’re usually sweet or funny, and at least one thing on your is attractive, you know like your eyes, or maybe you have a tight pussy or something, but when you’re superficially pretty fuckin’ perfect lookin in clothes, you know that the second the clothes come off, there’s a pussy lip the size of a fuckin grocery bag, before they made you buy reusable bullshit to save the fuckin’ world, and that’s why she’s still with Brian Austin Texas, because motherfucker’s learned to accept the male genitilia in her asshole, or whatever her fuckin’ mutation I know she has is.

Here’s a video of her taking the paparazzi home with her….

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