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Lisa Rinna Playboy Pictures of the Day


Lisa Rinna did Playboy. These are the pictures. In the event you wanted to see how she maintained her pubic hair. Even if unsure whether anything in this picture is real, it’s still better than jerking off to the Real Doll website using your rubber vagina, because the rumor is that Rinna’s rubber vagina is actually self-lubricating…

I didn’t host the pics because Playboy isn’t a fan of people doin’ that, but if they hate people posting their content, they should probably keep a closer watch on their shit. Maybe not let their employees have access to email. It’s not like I hacked into their computer to find these, or that I ever would, in fact, I think casting Rinna to do Playboy is a huge fucking mistake, she’s totally irrelevant, sure, I’m down with seeing EVERYONE naked, but if I was a big company, I’d try to go for up and coming stars or people that we actually want to see naked.

That said if I get sued over Lisa Rinna, even though I just embedded some images, that would probably be the biggest proof that I am low fucking grade.

Either way look at the pics and thanks to my good friends at Totallycrap.com for posting these 5 days ago and not bothering sending me an email to let me know about it.








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  • ldy

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  • Paul

    Jesus, this girl is ugly, I’ll admit she does have a nice (reconstructed) body and is just begging for a new chance but that face…Jesus, take off that makeup and fake eyelashes and puffy fake lips and you’ve got a monster woman.

    On second thought, leave it on … can you imagine how bad she looks without makeup?

    Gotta’ believe she paid Playboy to be published.

  • always a great laugh….

  • Paul’s mom


    U’re so pathetic boy, go fuck your mother (me), and your father will be happy, be a good boy, thx,


  • downsyndrome

    Paul’s mom:

    Bitch, you should be old enough to spell and type properly.

    Anyway, this bitch needs to put a bag over her head and shave that disgusting hedge she’s got going on there. Pre-surgery she used to be stunning!

  • sarah

    Please people, she looks absolutely HOT! OK her face isnt the best and yes has had lots of surgery -obviously! But seriously, what a body! It looks freakin hot I think……especially for her age. She is pretty toned all over.

  • Mason

    She use 2 have a nice bubble butt back when she was on “days of our lives”. But still she has a good body.
    I’m still gonna print some of these out and jerk off on them. Rub my dong on the pic of her arched hairy pubic crotch, then fold her tit pic between my shaft as i cum..

  • nunya

    i don’t think id ever be desperate enough to rub one out on this ugly whore

  • itchie balls

    i want to fuck all of you in the ass and then have you lick my dick clean yum yum yum

  • tard

    sarah: her body = surgery

  • nunya

    my balls itch

  • Paul


    Shut TFU and go clean my room bitch, and take Rinna with you (she can clean the bathroom floor).

    As far as Dad is concerned, he’s lucky when you’re busy cleaning so he doesn’t have to put up with your sh*t.

    By the way Mom, thanks for writing (missed your fugly ‘tude).

  • kevin

    She looks great for her age, and i love her hard nipples and what a greta bush, her husband is lucky to have that every night, i know i would.

  • fuckhead

    This is airbrushed as fuck. Her body doesn’t look THAT good in real life.

  • Nefarious

    Great body. MHO. But she never needed the facial surgery in the first place.

  • jmix

    she must have a flat ass,it’s never pictured,however,there are some new beach bikini pics out mostly focusing on her ass

  • Obama

    Ha Ha noobs!! Yall voted me in, and Ima give out all the Americans money, Make all the illegal immigrants legal,so they can take your jobs… How ya like ya change now… Honkeys!

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