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Shitty See Throughs of the Day

In trying to stay in touch with my one reader, I figure I’d post these shitty see through pictures, in a take what I can get kinda way. You know, because it is the story of our lives, never really having much choice in the tits we get to see, and really just taking what we can fuckin’ get. So here is some Gisele and Nicky Hilton from last week mainly because I had the pictures uploaded, but also because at least one person out there wants to fuck these bitches because they are better lookin’ than their disgusting wife, who won’t stop trying to kiss my neck today, I think it is because I haven’t showered and smell like last night’s dinner and she’s hungry (all the time).

Nicky Hilton Shitty See Through of the Day

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  • Perv

    Gisele’s dog is communicating with me in those pictures. “Pounder her pussy, pound her pussy….”. I hope he means the one between her legs.