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Some Dude Named Jesse Spencer and His Girlfriend Louise Griffiths’ Bad Implants on the Beach of the Day

I have no idea who these people are, but I am not going to let that stop me from posting this shit. The reason I started this site wasn’t to post about shitty celebrities I don’t give a fuck about, I just did it cuz it was easier than going out on the street with a camera trying to convince random chicks to pull stunts in their underwear, so as the months turned into the years, I slowly became a celebrity site, and since I never had an interest in celebrity, I’ve never really been able to spot them, remember their names, or keep track of what they are in, so this motherfucker could be a fuckin’ star for all I know, and I’m only posting this post because of his girlfriend’s shitty fuckin’ implants.

Now I get why a skinny flat chested girl would get a set of tits. They were teased all their lives and they are tired of fuckin’ with their t-shirts on. They are tired of being insecure from not being able to accept being less of a woman. They tell their friends they wanted them cuz so clothes fit them better, but in reality, it’s cuz they are feel inadequate and think it will be the key to happiness, so they get the shit done on a budget, cuz that’s all they can afford and are desperate to end the pain that comes every nice summer day when they are too shy to get into a bikini, not knowing the aftermath will be two offensively round, hard bullshit tits that look about as real as my Gucci sunglasses that I got in China Town for 2 dollars and that say Gusshy on the shits….if you know what I mean….

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