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Pam Anderson Scratching Her Hepatitis of the Day

Pam Anderson went to her son’s baseball game because he isn’t old enough to be a piece of trash alcoholic, drug addict, party addict, sex addict, stain on society like his mother and father, but it will come and so will stints with rehab, therapy, and becoming roomates with Sean Stewart and it’s not that big of a surprise, the two kids I grew up with who had a whore mother, like actual hooker who worked from home are now both male strippers in the gay stripclubs who turn tricks if the price is right, because that’s all they know.

I guess if you grow up watching your mom scratch her hepatitis pussy at your little league games, or catch your friend jerking off to your parents in a sex tape, or even seeing momma rip lines off the toilet seat to practice for an upcoming club appearance, shit scars you and is the start of your journey into a very bad place.

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  • Shaun

    A Pamela Anderson post that doesn’t attract any comments?
    Says it all, really. Bitch is used up.

    Time to adopt some cats, Pam.

  • Chloe

    Inappropriate commentary is inappropriate.

  • jay

    ^I agree. She looks like a worn-out old hooker with all that forehead, no eyebrows and those nasty-ass distorted boobs.

  • Very inappropriate! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • sue

    i guess your mama was a hack writer that couldn’t get a real job in the literary industry. just sayin…

  • msmerlin

    I always wonder what is wrong with her feet? She always wears those strange boots. She must be hiding something. She doesn’t hide anything above her knees, so perhaps her feet are deformed or something? Just sayin………..

  • Debi

    She’s a good mom…leave her alone!!! She cares for/loves and spends qu ality time with her sons…she attends all their games, I think or so it seems… a lot of parents don’t….she isn’t washed up, she is in her 40’s take a look in the mirror before throwing stones…how well do you look, naturally…hahaha

  • nunya

    Debi go fuck yourself you stupid fat cunt, you know Pamela is a useless whore that can’t face the fact that her looks have faded away, if she had more demure she would cover up and stop dressing like a 20 year old slut.
    I can only imagine how ashamed her sons must be of her.

  • Debi the train wreck defends another disaster, WHAT A SURPRISE, All bitches that need to be quarantined find a way to come to the others defense..
    Nothing worst than white trash with money…

    FYI, her feet are FUCKED UP! Like an old russian hobo…