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Pam Anderson’s Boyfriend is Ashamed of the Hepatitis of the Day

Pamela Anderson’s boyfriend has a funny story. You know when you were sitting around with your friends back in college and you were drinking before you went out to get laid, but not actually ever closing the deal, and you used to play “Would you rather?”, and one of the questions was along the lines of “Would you eat Pamela Anderson out when she was on her Period?” or “Would you rather lick her ass right after she took a shit?”, or “Would you rather fuck Pamela Anderson up the ass without a condom even if she was HIV Positive?” because you know she was the fuckin’ hot shit of the decade, the go to celebrity pussy to jerk off to, because she was hard nippled in a bathing suit on all our TVs late Saturday nights and had a sex tape and Playboy career.

Well Pamela Anderson’s boyfriend is living the “Would you rather”, sure it’s a decade and a half too late, but I guess no matter how grey and dead her pussy gets, she’s still Pam Anderson, and he was just some nobody construction worker, so when it came to would you rather be content having met a girl you used to fantasize your first wife looked like, or would you rather get Hep C from fucking her, he chose ther latter….and so would you.

But I guess he’s trying to hide his face so when she’s done with him, like she’s been done with so many men before him, he won’t have Hep C tattooed on his forehead scaring all the new pussy away….

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Pam Anderson Scratching Her Hepatitis of the Day

Pam Anderson went to her son’s baseball game because he isn’t old enough to be a piece of trash alcoholic, drug addict, party addict, sex addict, stain on society like his mother and father, but it will come and so will stints with rehab, therapy, and becoming roomates with Sean Stewart and it’s not that big of a surprise, the two kids I grew up with who had a whore mother, like actual hooker who worked from home are now both male strippers in the gay stripclubs who turn tricks if the price is right, because that’s all they know.

I guess if you grow up watching your mom scratch her hepatitis pussy at your little league games, or catch your friend jerking off to your parents in a sex tape, or even seeing momma rip lines off the toilet seat to practice for an upcoming club appearance, shit scars you and is the start of your journey into a very bad place.

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