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Pam Anderson and her Pink Bikini Remember of the Day

If you’re wondering why Pam Anderson is wearing a pink bikini on memorial day, it is in memory of her pink vagina, that has over the years got greyer, thicker skinned, callused and diseased.

You know, remembering a time she was more desirable, a sex symbol and a woman other women aspired to be like because they knew their boyfriends and husbands were jerking off to her. Someone who helped build the fuckin’ breast implant industry.

Something I think deserves a fuckin’ parade and day off for.

Here are the pics.

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  • nevets

    is that an infected camletoe ??

  • Bob Smith

    I still think she looks good considering her age.

    I would do her, but wear a thick rubber because of hep.

  • Shaun

    I want to rape her black, diseased foul smelling pussy so bad…damn.

    I’ll make sure to wear ten condoms and dip my penis in hydrochloric acid after raping her.

  • nunya

    i wouldnt touch her hole of death…i heard it makes shit fall off

  • hotgirl

    She is so sexy and delicious. I found a hot place where you can find such partners.
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  • Nothing like an old leather purse with hepatitis walking around the beach to remind you how far late 80’s early 90’s groupies whores have come.

    Well played, hick looking whore.

  • Perv

    If it wasn’t for those bikini bottoms holding them in, her pussy lips would be hanging to her knees.

  • Raymond

    I don’t think hydrochloric acid could kill the shit from fucking that bitch bareback. I would def. do her with a sheepsskin. I would probably have shove a ham in her pussy and pull the bone out to make a bushing, that thing is so wore out if a strong wind blew my dick would raddle back and forth and I ain’t that small, but no Tommy Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!