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Some Mary Cary and Ron Jeremy Bullshit of the Day

Mary Cary and Ron Jeremy are two people who are so fucking ugly they make me never want to have sex, or even masturbate again, but for some fucking reason they are both pornstars and get paid to fuck on camera for people to watch and masturbate to.

Shit’s gotta be on some next level fetish, maybe they are ugly brother and sister, but I don’t think that is the case if anything the fact that they’ve made careers getting naked, just gives my wife hope that despite her rash, obesity and mobility issues, she too get get fucked on camera because there will always be someone willing to watch….

Here they are at some launch party for some porn called Celebrity Pornhab with Dr Screw. These porn assholes aren’t just ugly but also comedic geniuses.

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  • Billdozer

    they both make me sick, jermeys cock doesnt impress me and his cock could be ten feet long, he is still an asshole and mary is a porky cum receptical

  • Amber Taylor

    I’m a gay guy who loves straight porn.
    I watch it for the guys & the whole wanting what I can’t have blah blah blah(although ALOT of those guys do gay porn as well).
    But even though I don’t give 3 shits about what the whores look like in straight porn, I at least don’t want them to be distractingly fat & ugly.

    So I’d just like to know what porn producer smokes crack & thinks still casting Ron Jeremy(who’s dick, by todays Euro-standards, isn’t much count)in porn films is a good idea.
    I can’t imagine straight guys being too thrilled having to see his fat wrinkled ass grinding on some slut.

    Luckily, of all the straight porn I’ve gotten off to, I’ve yet to come across(pun intended)anything including Ron Jeremy, thank God. So I guess he doesn’t work as much as people might think…

  • GGTY

    I saw that chick walking out of the pot dispensary on Sunset Blvd a few weeks ago. Guess rehabs going well…

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