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Ron Jeremy Did Wrecking Ball of the Day

I saw Ron Jeremy the other day…he’s a nice dude, but he was not nearly as great as he is in this Wrecking Ball video that someone recreated starring Ron Jeremy, even though Wrecking Ball parodies have been done, and this is a little late to the game, it’s safe to say, when you throw Ron Jeremy into the mix, shit stays perfectly ridiculous, and amazing…even totally next level…Solid.

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Ron Jeremy Shouts Out Drunkenstepfather of the Day

I’ve decided that I need more shout outs in my life…

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Some Mary Cary and Ron Jeremy Bullshit of the Day

Mary Cary and Ron Jeremy are two people who are so fucking ugly they make me never want to have sex, or even masturbate again, but for some fucking reason they are both pornstars and get paid to fuck on camera for people to watch and masturbate to.

Shit’s gotta be on some next level fetish, maybe they are ugly brother and sister, but I don’t think that is the case if anything the fact that they’ve made careers getting naked, just gives my wife hope that despite her rash, obesity and mobility issues, she too get get fucked on camera because there will always be someone willing to watch….

Here they are at some launch party for some porn called Celebrity Pornhab with Dr Screw. These porn assholes aren’t just ugly but also comedic geniuses.

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Ron Jeremy Has Crocs of the Day

I was going to do a guess the Crocs post like I’ve seen on other sites, but I hate games. I have been to dinner parties that were very adult with my wife, and board games have been brought out and that’s my cue to hit up the couch and try to block out the cheers and laughs of everyone having the time of their lives, while looking like total fucking assholes, proud that I didn’t humiliate myself like they did because games are the one thing that embarrasses me, the whole time being called the downer, being called the party pooper and being mocked by the other adults, without fully grasping the only game I am down for is sexual and involves all the women naked and licking each other’s pussies.

So in keeping with ruining joy, excitement, anticipation all all those other emotions people get when you play games around me, I decided to just post the answer and save the fucking headache.

So here the person in the crocs was style icon Ron Jeremy at the Adult Expo last week and he dressed up for the occasion by looking pretty much like as much of a fat slob as he’s always been. Sure he’s fucked more pussy than the majority of fat slobs who just jerk off if they’re not too lazy between sandwiches, only to cum all over their wife beaters to create some new stains to live next their mustard stains, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a fat slob, it means that having a big dick gets you everything in life, not that I’d know first hand, but based on my research, it’s true.

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