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Rachel Hunter Was a Bikini Model of the Day

I never understood the Rachel Hunter appeal when she was big in the 80s, I always just assumed it was a glitch in the modeling agency process, like she squeezed in because at the time plus sized models didn’t exist, but SI needed someone with tits and she was eager or some shit, you know a right time, right place situation, but then Rod Stewart swept her up, because one day when he was feeling hetero he picked up the issue of SI and said get me the biggest blonde in here to reaffirm to the public that I am all fuckin’ man, and chose her because she was the one who looked most like his first love he met in a gay bath house named “Roger” but pronounced “RawJay”, like he was french, but really nothing but a poof.

Either way, she’s still around, she looks like hell, and if you jerked off to her 20 years ago, here’s the aftermath.

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Those fun bags are still perfectly serviceable.

    Of course, one would need to throw a bag over it’s head, while one was playing with them, but that is a small price to pay, don’t you think?

  • Volfie

    She’s hotter than any woman you’ve had that you didn’t have to pay for. 🙂

  • A man named GOB

    She wasn’t that big in the day and with the exception of maybe Cindy Crawford not too many models age well at all due to the b/P cycles to lose weight prematurely aging them even if they even manage to stay alive past 30.

  • A man named GOB

    Definitely a fly-over state soccermom I’d bang anyway.

  • A man named GOB

    …like to hear her cum using her accent.

  • A man named GOB

    I wouldn’t touch most models today versus Rachel the others are downright nasty looking and could double as girlie guys.

  • A man named GOB

    The reason she was a model is she’s 5’11”.

  • A man named GOB

    and weighed around 130 back in the day she was popular.

  • nunya

    she looks fine for her age

  • karen

    so confused…not hot??? where were you guys??? take the 2 to google her hot ass.

    she was amazingly hot…and now is an amazingly hot soccer mom. soooo much more womanly in every way than almost anyone out there today.

  • Juan More

    I would still fuck the taste out of her mouth.

  • Bob Smith

    I knew her brother Mike.

  • Vittu Perkele

    Rachel used to live next door to me. She looks very plain without makeup. And her sister Jackie is a total bitch.

  • cowbulls

    Rachel’s legs make for quite a sexual playground. I think she looks pretty good for being in her 40’s. There’s only been one Cindy Crawford so comparing any woman to her is unfair.