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Kirsten Bell in her Bikini of the Day

People find Kristen Bell hot. I think she’s boring. I think her decision in guys she dates proves the level of substance she really has. I’m not gonna be that guy who hates on the guy with the celebrity girl all these other dudes want to fuck, I’m just saying Dax seems like someone who’s ultimate prank or “punk’d” trick, the one that would make everyone happy, would be the one he drops on Kristen Bell, when she comes back from a jog and finds him hanging from a closet in her panties like he was David Carradine….

She’s in a bikini, so I can’t hate too hard on her…I just don’t have that in me….

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  • Kristen Bell could go topless and no one would notice. Someone, please push this beached whale back in the water.