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Kristen Bell and her Cellulite Ridden Legs

The media puts so much focus on being perfect, not having cellulite, being fit and it makes girls crazy, insecure and a lot easier to fuck, so it can’t be a bad thing.

The only thing bad about it is when you date/become friends (try to fuck) one of these girls and she becomes comforable enough to only talk about that, because it’s really all that’s on her fuckin’ mind until it drives you fuckin insane, because hearing her ask if she’s fat, or talk about how she threw up dinner and did speed to stay awake, is desperate and annoying to put up with, especially when all you’re lookin’ for is pussypretty much every chick has cellulite.

Just yesterday, a 15 year old 5 foot 11 model lookin’ chick walked by me and I noticed her legs had dimples on the shit, and I guess that goes to show us that it’s just something that women get, whether skinny or not, it’s normal to fuckin’ have, and to hate it, makes us faggot.

That said, Kristen Bell is a sloppy fuckin’ bitch and if her legs are this wrecked, I’d hate to see the condition of her pussy.

Now, we can all understand why she’s dating a cunt like Dax, and that’s because she’s a second rate, low grade, garbage quality pig.

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  • If this girl is ‘sloppy’, then what does that make you?
    Let’s see /your/ bikini shots.

  • Volfie

    Say what you will, but if she were in my bedroom, I’d rip that shit to shreds…

  • “she’s a second rate, low grade, garbage quality pig.”


    Kristen Bell is NASTY!

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