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Denise Richards in a Bikini Top with Birds of the Day

I know you probably still care about Denise Richards because you have a hard time letting go. You remember 10 years ago as being the glory day, because you were still in college and had your whole life ahead of you, your friends were always down to party, and this bitch was your celebrity fantasy, but that all went sour when you realized that you had to take a shitty job to pay your student loan, one you can’t stomach going to and everyday you feel like part of you dies a little, but for some reason you can’t leave because you can’t find anything better, you married the chick from the bar you used to fuck because you realized that you had no other real option and that she was probably the best you could do for yourself, even though everyday you tell her you love her, you’re lying and know that you can’t stand her and the fact that she’s tricked you into this fuckin’ life you live, but at least you always have Denise Richards fantasies to get you off, until pricks like me come along and show you that life hasn’t been all too friendly to her either giving you some comfort in other people’s misery, but really just taking away the last good thing you have from your youth.

Here she is in a bikini top and shorts cuz she hates her ass and rockin’ some kind of parrot like she’s a pirate because I guess in her scam of a career, she kinda is one.

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  • Perv

    The years and having kids have taken a toll on her but I still got a boner.

  • cowbulls

    She may have been better as she was once one of the hottest women on the planet but even now she is a great looking woman.