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Sexy Madonna Picture of the Day

No, I’m not gay, although when whores finger my asshole and play with my nipples you’d think that I was, so I don’t actually find this picture of Madonna sexy, but I’m guessing she does, because otherwise, she’d do what other insecure cunts do and put some fuckin’ pants on. The thought of her vagina sneaking it’s way out of those panties is some serious shit, I’m talking what nightmares are made of, I mean provided she still has a vagina, because based on science the level of testosterone pumpin thru her veins could grow her a set of balls.

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  • Bob Smith

    You’d have to be seriously horny to hit that. Like coked up and ectasy’ed up both at the same time.

    Funny with the guitar… I don’t think she plays. Or at least not well enough to play on stage.