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Hayden Panettiere Picture of the Day

Here’s a little advice that comes direct from the editor’s desk at Elle for the trannies, the fat chicks and the ugly chicks who are using online dating sites to lure new unsuspecting cock.

Learn how to use photoshop proper, become a fucking expert because a good picture of yourself is your best weapon in reaching orgasm from another person or at least getting a motherfucker to come meet you.

I understand there is a fear of backlash, that your pictures may have lied, but it’s better that the pictures are of yourself and not of your hot friend, cuz when 4 am on a Friday rolls around, the time of night perfect to meet your online dating boyfriend, because they are ready to fuck you since they never met you, and are usually drunk somotherfuckeer will accept an uglier version of the picture they fell for, and will just get weirded out by meeting a totally different person….

Thanks for the demonstration Hayden.

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Sexy Madonna Picture of the Day

No, I’m not gay, although when whores finger my asshole and play with my nipples you’d think that I was, so I don’t actually find this picture of Madonna sexy, but I’m guessing she does, because otherwise, she’d do what other insecure cunts do and put some fuckin’ pants on. The thought of her vagina sneaking it’s way out of those panties is some serious shit, I’m talking what nightmares are made of, I mean provided she still has a vagina, because based on science the level of testosterone pumpin thru her veins could grow her a set of balls.

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Milley Cyrus Blowjob Picture of the Day

There is a picture of Miley Cyrus or at least a Miley Cyrus lookalike giving a blowjob circulating the internet. There is no way in fuckin’ hell I am posting that shit because I know I’ll be the motherfucker they make an example of and kiddie porn’s not something I want to be involved in, it’s some serious offense and even if the girl is a little teenage cock loving whore, who throws her mouth on any fuckin’ dick, you still can’t fuck with it. Even if you meet her in a bar and she tells you she’s 18, only to bring you home to her parents house, like some kind of Trainspotting shit, only real fuckin’ life, you still get fucked from both fuckin’ angles, so I’ll just let you assholes google that shit and find it. I will let you know, it’s not that eventful, it may not be her, and it looks like the Disney dudes didn’t teach her about ass play.

I guess this post is just a cocktease, while for the most part so is a teenage slut. Get used to it.

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Miley Cyrus Hot Picture of the Day

This is what Miley Cyrus looks like after practicing giving blow jobs on a cucumber, you know how teenage girls do, in front of the mirror, at slumber parties, on video, so they don’t fuck up their first time around with a real dick, not that Miley is like every other teenage girl, she’s actually, been trained in giving head since first entering the business, that’s how she got where she is today, but that doesn’t mean she can’t work on her skill a little and at least try to be normal, even if it is just for a few minutes….

Here are the pics..

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Megan Fox Picture of the Day

I was watching some reruns of 90210 as I do every weekend to try to reconnect with my past and tap into some new creative energy that only comes from it’s inspirational scripts and acting.

I couldn’t help but wonder, while I watched Brandon help a homeless dessert storm vet on the beach by offering him some work, despite Andrea’s advising him not to, and Brenda was out cheating on Dylan in Paris while pretending to be a native french girl, which was okay because he was kissing up with Kelly and David and his flipped hair were trying to launch his music career by working out a management deal with Steve, how this garbage ever made it on TV and how someone who was on it gets to fuck this girl.

If you’re wondering why I was watching this, I was at a friends house and it was a big part of the reason I ended up getting so drunk that I don’t remember what happened,

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