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Rosario Dawson’s Sloppy Bikini Pictures of the Day

Rosario Dawson who was known to have fatty tits, seems to have fatty everything else. Maybe she’s staring in some movie about a fat chick, or maybe she’s just let herself go cuz she’s found love and is dating this motherfucker. She’s not disgusting just yet, at least not on the surface, for all I know she could have a rotting cunt, like the stripper I had my way with last night who although had a doughy stomach made for mother’s of three and an ass that looked like a burn victim and smelled like a septic tank, her tits were spectacular. Only difference is my stripper knew how to dance, while Rosario Dawson just sits there lookin like she’s made it, forgetting her roots as a poor immigrant squatting in NYC, unfortunately not the kind of squatting I can masturbate to….

Here she is in her bikini…

Even her boyfriend is shocked how fat his chick’s ass has gotten….he’s thinkin’ that someone’s gotta stop feeding her and it’s not gonna be him cuz he’s too busy riding her coattails and fuckin’ her wallet.

And here’s her friend’s ass….

And here are some boring pictures of Rosario Dawson and her boyfriend walking….if you’re not too into the bikini pictures above….

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  • n2tattoos

    i kinda like ’em sloppy. then i don’t have to worry about what i eat.

  • Just because she’s not an anorexic bean pole, you think she doesn’t look good? I think she looks better than most. Only women that have to starve themselves don’t look like her! She looks like the average women, if not better. Don’t make a complaint if you ain’t looking any better. Are you a model? How much do you weigh?