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Rachel Bilson in a Shitty See Thru of the Day

Remember Rachel Bilson, the hightlight of the OC, if you were like me and not down with the bitch who looked like a lesbian, or the troubled one with the sloppy skinny body. Yeah, I watched the shit the first season, because I’d go to college bars and being the old fuck in the room, had to let the girls know I was down.

I’d be like bitches, you watch the new OC, shit that Ryan’s nuts, I can’t wait til he takes Seth back to the Pool House and fucks him, cuz there’s no way Seth is straight, I mean someone’s gotta do him the favor of shoving their dick in his ass, he’s too emotionally and clearly jerks off to Ryan’s fight scenes, and Rachel Bilson is just a front….

Usually didn’t get any laughs, cuz college girls took that shit seriously, but Rachel Bilson was never a front for me, until today, what the fuck happened to her….actually I already know the answer….engagement to be married….

The good news is that they are getting married in Canada, so I’ll send some homeless dudes to crash that shit. It will be my big break.

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