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Lady Victoria Hervey’s Inbred Royal Body on the Beach of the Day

I read that this “girl” was a model at one point in her life and if that’s the fucking case, it only happened because of her family. They are some UK Royalty or some shit and I guess opens a few doors for a bitch who looks like she was either born premature or who didn’t get enough oxygen coming out of the womb forcing her natural development to slow the fuck down, cuz lookin at these pictures of her asymmetric, uneven breasts, I believe the whole Royalty is generations and generations of inbreeding, cuz you gotta keep the blood blue and her sex appeal to potential rapists way the fuck down. If anything her dog should be walking her. Old, bad joke, I know. But it’s true. He’s the only thing worth fuckin’ in the picture and I don’t even like fuckin’ dogs, unless I am really desperate and they are strays cuz I know they won’t tell on me.

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