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Lady Victoria Hervery Nipple of the Day

Lady Victoria Hervey is some older socialite rich person from the UK who was pretty much an “It-Girl”…who dated Price Andrew, who is friends with our dream girl Lindsay Lohan, and who is fabulous in all the fabulous places being fabulous…

The most interesting thing about her is that she’s pretty based, or awake, whether she’s a plant or not, she was a critic towards the pandemic, a critic towards the vaccine, she was exposing the scam that was the Maxwell trial, all on social media that she was deleted or censored from, so you gotta take it with a grain of salt, but to all the people speaking what I think is the truth, what I think makes her awake to the scams that are being pushed on us, I figure at least she’s out there doing it, saying it, even when it’s not the popular thing to say amongst the zombie slaves brainwashed and outraged.

She is at CANNES, showing her CANS…so EUROPEAN…

She posted a nip slip to her IG, with what looks like a freakish nipple, but sit it’s all taped up it is probably not as terrifying as it looks….you know zombie nip….when all she’s been doing is trying to WAKE up the zombies…WAKE UP ZOMBIES with some luxurious tit.


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Lady Victoria Hervey Royal Period Bikini of the Day

This is amazing..not because I have a period fetish…because I don’t have a period fetish, like I don’t love going down on girls when they have their period, even when the tampon is in, and I don’t love to look like I’ve just left a crime scene after fucking a period, but I am not entirely disgusted by it….but I do have a period fetish when I’ve been fucking a bitch without a condom and she thinks she’s pregnant…even though I know it is impossible, since I am broken…

This is amazing…not because I love surprise periods at inopportune times, it is the classic tween fear that carries through a girl’s life…..I mean I’ve experienced periods hit white pants, white bikinis, all kinds of times to unsuspecting women…I’ve seen some period stains on girls so bad I thought they miscarried in the movie theater…

This is amazing…because it’ a whole new level of fame whoring….first there was the bikini pic, then the nip slip, then the pantyless upskirt, then more bikini pics, then more nip slips…where was she to go…sex tape or this….

You see Lady Victoria Hervey, despite sounding all Royal and Regal and elegant, is a fame whore…and this…is her bringing the fucking big guns…for the the paparazzi taking the bikini pics of her…

The paparazzi are so nice for putting this out there for her…because all of sudden she finally matters…

All this to say…at least she wasn’t eaten by a shark….


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Lady Victoria Hervey Nipple Slip in a Bikini of the Day

It’s New Years Eve…why the fuck are you on the internet…looking at bullshit to either distract you from your shitty life…instead of living your shitty life or trying to make your shitty life better…it’s like just filler noise you pollute your brain with before you die…looking at girls like Lady Victoria Hervey, who I’ve never heard of, but who is showing nipple and goes by the name Lady, which sounds fancy…like a stripper name, Royal…because she probably is a Royal, but we can never be too sure these days, since everyone is a trashy, exhibitionist slag…and thank god for that…

Happy New Year.


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Lady Victoria Hervey in a See Thru Dress of the Day

I see this bitches name around, she is some kind of blue blooded aristocrat, which makes sense because she totally looks like she is inbred. What doesn’t make sense is that a some point in her life she was a model, but I guess that’s just proof that when you have a rich and connected family you can pretty much do whatever you want, even when you look like you were hit in the face with a shovel when you were a kid.

She was at the Burberry fashion show, and I can see her black panties under her silver dress, and maybe that excites you, but I’m hoping it doesn’t, you know, since she’s fucking ugly.

Pics via PacificCoastNews and Bauer

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Lady Victoria Hervey’s Inbred Royal Body on the Beach of the Day

I read that this “girl” was a model at one point in her life and if that’s the fucking case, it only happened because of her family. They are some UK Royalty or some shit and I guess opens a few doors for a bitch who looks like she was either born premature or who didn’t get enough oxygen coming out of the womb forcing her natural development to slow the fuck down, cuz lookin at these pictures of her asymmetric, uneven breasts, I believe the whole Royalty is generations and generations of inbreeding, cuz you gotta keep the blood blue and her sex appeal to potential rapists way the fuck down. If anything her dog should be walking her. Old, bad joke, I know. But it’s true. He’s the only thing worth fuckin’ in the picture and I don’t even like fuckin’ dogs, unless I am really desperate and they are strays cuz I know they won’t tell on me.

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