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Kate Moss and Karen Mulder Are Having a Topless Boat Party of the Day

The one thing I don’t understand about these bitches who tan topless, is why they don’t just take off their bottoms too. Is there something disgusting going on that they don’t want people to see? Or is it deemed inappropriate to be fully naked on a boat, but totally cool to be topless, I mean I’d figure most girls would be more insecure about lettin’ their tits out to the sun than their pussies, because for the most part, when a girl is standing up, her pussy doesn’t really stick out to much, and if shaved almost looks like bitch is wearing a nude colored bathing suit bottom. I guess women are just too complex for me to grasp, or maybe Kate Moss is on her period or has a rash that she doesn’t want the paparazzi to see, but she’s totally cool hanging with other 40 year olds half naked in some kind of topless party that reminds me of some hippie shit I wasn’t invited to.

Either way, Karen Mulder or whoever has the floppy tits needs and breast lift and I’m willing to give it to her with my mouth…

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  • Volfie

    Karen Muldur is still hot.

  • knowthetoe

    The fat one is sporting some serious toe in 5th picture

  • real deal

    both are plain janes

  • Bob Smith

    The girl in the back has completely different sized tits. Not just a little, the left one is half the size of the right. You’d have to turn out the lights when she got undressed, or you’d freak out.