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Heather Graham is in her Bikini of the Day

I am slowly dying – and so is Heather Graham’s sex appeal, but before she’s a total sloppy pig, she’s still got a few more years in her, I don’t know if I’m gonna be so lucky, that’s why I am going to pass the fuck out so I can punish myself all over again, and I’ll leave you these pictures to help you while punishing your genitals you pathetic motherfucker. I’ve had enough writing for the weeek.

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  • shaun

    I’d rape her non-stop till my cock breaks and falls inside her pretty pussy. What a babe.

  • Dave’s Not Here

    I’d fuck her until I was cumming blood.

    Then I’d stick in her ass.

  • Joel Osteen

    I’d stick a metal skewer through her fat tits and lead her around like the lil schnauser cunt that she is . I’d make her shit on the ground and then I’d smash her face in it and say ” bad doggie , NO !” and for punishment , yep , steel toe kicks to the ribcage BODYBLOW BODYBLOW BODYBLOW . After that I’d give her the Westminster Kennel Club “treatment ” . Thats a nice icy cold bath where I dunk her purty lil head into soapy water to the brink of drowning again and again, and again . When that gets boring ( not ever 🙂 ) , a nice flea powder application to her face . Time for lunch ! Alpo moistened with my piss is the dish “du jour”, toujours , bien sur , merci . Next , some jumping through hoops and fetch . Now , back into her cage for a lil rest , tomorrow’s another day , pup pup .

  • m

    what the fuk is up wit this clown and that torcher shit , I would definelty nail this chick

  • Kodos

    The leg-spread shot makes her look like a pre-pubecent child. Gross. Roller-girl has really fallen.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I would skate a cock up her ass, thats for sure.

    All the while torturing her nipples.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Update Beaner, I can only shoot so much jiz at this little snatch.

    Give me something new.

  • The first pic makes we want to have a taste. Yum =)

  • ray pugh

    i’d like to stick my seafood gumbo deep into her greasy mutton shutters