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Janice Dickinson’s Thinks She’s The Original Supermodel of the Day

I read somewhere that Janice Dickinson claims she is the original supermodel, meaning before her there was no other supermodel and since her there have been thousands of supermodels. I know it is a lie, because if she really believed that she was a fuckin’ supermodel, she’d put a little more pressure on herself than to go out lookin like this haggard piece of dog shit that just got run over by a bus. I mean the only thing super on her is the fact that she’s got a set of fake tits and that’s only super in the ghetto stripclub where drug addiction makes saving up 5,000 dollars impossible, where as Dickinson’s tits are just a dime a fuckin dozen where she’s from and I guess I shouldn’t be bothering posting on her but there’s not backing down now. I am in too deep.

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  • Lolley Gagger

    love to tell her this but Twiggy was the original and lots before this tried worn out rag-hag ever thought about being a disgusting runway whore.

  • Lolley Gagger

    …and we keep hearing she’s the original supermodel, mostly from, no only from, her.

  • alex

    Are you fucking gay? You’re saying she isn’t hot? Well no shit she isn’t hot–she’s almost 55 years old.

    VERY FEW women look smoking hot at that age…but I would suggest you check out Cindy Crawford in 10 years when she turns 55, I’ll bet she looks the same. She’s not human.