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Jessica Hart and Her Supermodel Legs of the Day

I don’t know who Jessica Heart is, but her long legs do a nice job of distracting me from her teeth.

I am not sure why I have such an issue with shitty teeth, like I get disgusted when I see a bitch with rotting, spaced out Amy Winehouse in her mouth, even when those teeth are rubbing up and down my dick shaft gently with glee.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve banged many girls with a wide variety of various forms of disgusting mouth, because I’m not an idiot and take what I can get and I guess it really doesn’t matter, cuz when you get with a bitch like Jessica Heart, you’re too busy shoving your face in her vagina.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Rihanna Thinks She’s a Supermodel of the Day

This is a pretty good example of a bitch who’s ego got a little too out of control….send her back to her garbage man father’s shanty, braiding hair for British tourists and ground her cunt behavior a little, it’s fucking needed, but instead they give her another record deal and a whole publicity tour because she makes everyone involved too much fucking money, only leading to her getting a bigger fucking ego than she already has, and bitch is already pullin out fashion show moves on the fuckin’ street so I think its gone too fucking far and there’s no turning back but it’d be nice to watch it all come crashing down….all over her fucking umbrella-ella-ella-eh.

Pics via Bauer
Pics via INF

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Janice Dickinson’s Thinks She’s The Original Supermodel of the Day

I read somewhere that Janice Dickinson claims she is the original supermodel, meaning before her there was no other supermodel and since her there have been thousands of supermodels. I know it is a lie, because if she really believed that she was a fuckin’ supermodel, she’d put a little more pressure on herself than to go out lookin like this haggard piece of dog shit that just got run over by a bus. I mean the only thing super on her is the fact that she’s got a set of fake tits and that’s only super in the ghetto stripclub where drug addiction makes saving up 5,000 dollars impossible, where as Dickinson’s tits are just a dime a fuckin dozen where she’s from and I guess I shouldn’t be bothering posting on her but there’s not backing down now. I am in too deep.

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I am – Le Call in a Bikini of the Day


You don’t know who this bitch is and either do I, but the word on the internet is that she’s Owen Wilson’s supermodel girlfriend who I’ve never heard of, but then again, I am not good with remembering names or celebrities, I only remember vaginas.

The thing I like about Owen Wilson is that he tried to kill himself and failed. I always find failed suicide the biggest fuckin’ joke, not because I am into people dying or anything like that, but because you know when a motherfucker hates themselves so much and wishes they were dead and decide to actually go through with it because they are failures and suck at life so much and don’t deserve to live and end up failing at that too, it’s like can’t you get anything right you fucking loser.

I knew a dude who jumped off an overpass onto a freeway back in the day, his logic was that if he doesn’t die, he’ll at least get run over, but what ended up happening was two broken legs and few other broken bones and some head injury and no cars ran him over, and no one called an ambulance for him for 4 hours, because he did it late at night in some deserted part of the highway that no one was driving on and now dudes half retarded and has a limp and everytime I see him I can’t help but laugh.

I guess the good news for Owen Wilson is that he is lucky he didn’t end up dying and that he got a new lease on life, because it seems to be working out for him alright, this girl is much higher quality than that damaged Kate Hudson trash, even though the girl only with him because she’s using him to get her name out there because she knows there’s going to be media attention since he tried killing himself, and I’ve never been too worried about girls using dudes as long as they are putting out, because shit’s usually less expensive than hiring whores.

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