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Old Tired Haggard Sluts Hanging Out Together of the Day

Here are two Old Vaginas that need to be hung up in the rafters of the local arena and retired becuase collectively they have made more men hard than the history of the US Army since they have reached the sunset years of their sex appeal, were spotted having a secret meeting about how they are going to bring it all back by working together as a team, because they think an infomercial about 2 washed up pussies everyone wanted to fuck combined being a better deal than 1 fresh pussy will be bigger than the thighmaster, but instead they should be enjoying their menopausal hot flashes and weak bladders when telling war stories of turning men on in their glory days over a game of Bridge or Lawn bowling. Just let it go girls….

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  • what’s scarier is that pam is about 10 yrs younger than chrissy snow and she looks like a wrinkled mummy.

  • Perv

    The problem with growing old is that you don’t want to fuck any of the women your own age. Time for those young hookers.

  • roscoe

    more than twenty years younger…

  • Expletive: BMP

    I like me a cougar, and look, there’s two of em, sweet mercy i wanna cum all up in her wrinkly cunt, i’ll cum over and over and over and over. She’s probably past child bearing years, so she’s good, otherwise, i’ll shove my stick all up in her wart ridden bunghole plunging away and massaging the warts on her rectum as i do.

  • Amber_Taylor

    Telling war stories…Haha!

  • cowbulls

    They are both dumb as a bag of rocks but Pam is almost 20 years younger. Pam has also been used up to the point that only a male freak could hit the sides. Suzanne, I don’t know about her but she looks a hell of a lot better.

  • I actually were sent here mainly because this blog page had been tweeted by a gentleman I had been following and am delighted I made it here.