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Old Tired Haggard Sluts Hanging Out Together of the Day

Here are two Old Vaginas that need to be hung up in the rafters of the local arena and retired becuase collectively they have made more men hard than the history of the US Army since they have reached the sunset years of their sex appeal, were spotted having a secret meeting about how they are going to bring it all back by working together as a team, because they think an infomercial about 2 washed up pussies everyone wanted to fuck combined being a better deal than 1 fresh pussy will be bigger than the thighmaster, but instead they should be enjoying their menopausal hot flashes and weak bladders when telling war stories of turning men on in their glory days over a game of Bridge or Lawn bowling. Just let it go girls….

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Suzanne Somers is Still Alive of the Day

If you’re anything like me, you’ve jerked off to Suzanne Somers at various points in her career, whether it be her Playboy shoot in the 70s, her role on Three’s Company, her late night infomercials with her thighmaster bullshit, so I figured you’d appreciate getting off to her now, in her sunset years, you know as the curtain slowly closes on her, with her amazing hot leather skin, her menopausal mid-section and vagina with the inability to get pregnant, but who really wants that dried up snail, when she’s got those full lips that have been on a whole lot of dick in their years, not to mention the fact that she gets a senior discount on public transit, at the movies and even at the pharmacy by my house, makin’ her all the more amazing. Enjoy.

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Suzanne Somers is a Hot Old Lady of the Day

You know you never hear dudes brag about how dry their girl’s vaginas are. Like you never here shit like “My girl never gets wet, her pussy is like a cold platter of deli meat, and every time I try sticking my dick in it, it’s like fucking sandpaper”, but that was before I saw these pictures of Suzanne Somers, because despite knowing that she’s in her 60s and has a pretty hot body for a 60 year old, despite the whole gunt she should try to thighmaster off a little more aggressively, you know her husband is bragging to all his friends about her. You know he’s totally down with her menopausal old lady lack of natural lubricant pussy, because of what it’s attached to, and I guess I am posting this to give all you girls who don’t even look this good now, some genetic evidence that maybe it is time to kill yourself, because it’s only going to get worse for you while women like this roam the planet and you can really only blame your parents for bringing you into this cold dark world….not that I think suicide is ever an answer, I am just throwing another reason to your list of reasons you should do it when you run throuhg the whole pros/cons in your head every night. Suicide is really only encouraged if you are the cast of The Hills or Paris Hilton and the truth is that there are a lot of ugly people out there who get by in this superficial world because there are a lot of desperate dudes out there who will fuck anything, even you, so maybe you should take on a job at a call center or behind the scenes somewhere, because we all know people are nicer to you when they don’t have to see that wretched face and you can save that money for plastic surgery or nice things to distract yourself from the fate that is your life…

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