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Melissa Joan Hart’s Ugly Face Making Ugly Faces of the Day

I used to watch TGIF on ABC a bunch of years back and ponder where I went wrong in my life that at 30 I was sitting at home drinking whiskey with two teenage girls who weren’t mine watching TGIF on ABC like being wholesome was supposed to be fun or some shit. It was a turning point in my life where I figured I had made a mistake and fucking hookers and drinking myself into the gutter on random drug induced adventures was a hell of a lot more interesting that this shit and whenever this Teenage Witch bullshit would come on, I’d get real mad, because her fucked up face fucked up the only thing that was interesting about watching TGIF on ABC and that was fantasizing about fucking the shit out of the girls on the show. I’m talking to you Topanga, you fat useless whore…..

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