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Sabrina the Teenage Witch is Now Middle Aged with Hard Nips of the Day

I did used to watch TGIF occasionally in the 90s because I had nothing else to do and I got the channel free to air from the antenna, before cable ruined all our lives and made us pay to watch ads. Those greedy fucks.

So I have seen the Sabrina the Teenage Witch show, but I never thought that Sabrina was the hot one…I also didn’t think Caroline Rhea’s fat tits were exciting either, so it really wasn’t a show for the sex appeal.

Which means that since the show, which is pretty much all Sabrina has done in her life, there were no real expectations for her to become a hot chick in anything she did.

Well, now in her near 50s, she’s posing in front of the Christmas tree, with a guy I assume is gay because his shirt says “Make the Yuletide Gay” and I doubt any non-gay would wear that, because it’s basically a way to attract other gay men to rape you under the stockings with glee.

And her nipple is hard, which is basically the point of this post, hard nippled horny Sabrina The Teenage witch pushing some gayness…and hard nipples are the news cycle we do here, even when they are weird.

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Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina The Teenage Witch Reunion of the Day

I don’t know when Melissa Joan Hart turned into Caroline Rhea, but it makes the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reunion far easier to organize….doesn’t it….

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Melissa Joan Hart in a Red Bathing Suit of the Day


Melissa Joan Hart posted a picture of her in a red bathing suit…

Melissa Joan Hart is old as fuck, and apparently she’s doing this to celebrate her weight loss…but you wouldn’t know that, because no one follows Melissa Joan Hart…

I would argue that even when she was on TGIF programming on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a show we can assume NETFLIX is bringing back, I preferred her Aunts, even the fat one to Melissa Joan Hart….the teen…VERY UNLIKE ME…but a testament of just how hot she was…or I guess wasn’t…

I mean even the puppet cat on the show was probably what I’d choose to fuck if it came down to the two of them….

So seeing her in a bathing suit now…does ZERO for me, but I assume you weirdos were into her, because you’re old dudes who visit blogs like this…which isn’t normal…you’re not normal…this isn’t NORMAL…why are we doing it..


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Sabrina the Teenage Witch Bachelorette Party of the Day


Here’s some Melissa Joan Hart, mom in her 40s, neck or is that a chin…that confuses me….wearing a bathing suit at her sister’s bachelorette party….in Miami…in a picture she posted to her social media, thanking some billion dollar diet program for giving her mom body what it needs to be one piece bathing suit ready…even if girls I know would not consider this body anything bathing suit ready…but the pervert in me thinks all bodies are always bathing suit ready…even Melissa Joan Hart…

Melissa Joan Harts was one of the girls on TV, that I didn’t find hot, but that everyone found hot, leading to me questioning my sexuality, thinking “why does everyone I know jerk off to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, while I’m more into the aunt with big tits”…..her and Tapanga from Boy Meets World…were just girls I didn’t quite understand the hype around…so her in a bathing suit now, is not going to be anything I’m pumped to see, it’s just something I’ll put out there for you…because I feel bad for you…and know that in the 90s, the good years for you…this was your dream and like all dreams…they fall apart at the seams…


All this to say, this is more interesting than Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy, unless her second pregnancy ends with complications that leave her dead….


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Melissa Joan Hart Bikini Product Placement of the Day

Here’s a big reveal no one fucking cares about….

Nothing like a mom no one has cared about the last decade, and even a decade ago, I’m not sure anyone cared about her, except maybe when she was partying with Britney Spears for that week.

You know, the young starlet who couldn’t be any less interesting in the public eye. I don even know if she had bikini pics, vagina flashes, nip slips and all the other good stuff that has come from the early 2000s internet.

Finally doing a big reveal to promote some million dollar endorsement she got to lose her baby weight, in a bikini…

When the bikini hustle for attention should have happened back when she was on fucking TV..

I hate how bitches lose sight of the simple “I don’t get naked that’s for sluts”…when they should be getting naked…and then when they shouldn’t be getting naked…like when they are 100 fucking years old…they get naked…because they remember the past when people cared about them…

It’s called striking when the iron is hot, maybe if this Sabrina Witch worked harder in her youth, there’d be no need to whore herself now…

Either way, it happened…

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Sabrina the Middle Aged Witch’s Neck Waddle of the Day

I always hated Sabrina the teenage Witch and the cunt who played her. I never found her hot, never understood why she was on TV and spent my lonely nights I actually watched the shit, looking at Caroline Rhea’s big fat womanly mom tits….and you know when the hot pussy on a show is Caroline Rhea….that the show’s got a shortage of fucking pussy…

That said, here’s a “Look at her Now”…Her neck fat so loose, you could titty fuck it….post to keep you…her weird fans….up to date on the disintegration of a bitch you once jerked off to cuz marketing told you to.

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Melissa Joan Hart’s Ugly Face Making Ugly Faces of the Day

I used to watch TGIF on ABC a bunch of years back and ponder where I went wrong in my life that at 30 I was sitting at home drinking whiskey with two teenage girls who weren’t mine watching TGIF on ABC like being wholesome was supposed to be fun or some shit. It was a turning point in my life where I figured I had made a mistake and fucking hookers and drinking myself into the gutter on random drug induced adventures was a hell of a lot more interesting that this shit and whenever this Teenage Witch bullshit would come on, I’d get real mad, because her fucked up face fucked up the only thing that was interesting about watching TGIF on ABC and that was fantasizing about fucking the shit out of the girls on the show. I’m talking to you Topanga, you fat useless whore…..

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