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Melissa Joan Hart Bikini Product Placement of the Day

Here’s a big reveal no one fucking cares about….

Nothing like a mom no one has cared about the last decade, and even a decade ago, I’m not sure anyone cared about her, except maybe when she was partying with Britney Spears for that week.

You know, the young starlet who couldn’t be any less interesting in the public eye. I don even know if she had bikini pics, vagina flashes, nip slips and all the other good stuff that has come from the early 2000s internet.

Finally doing a big reveal to promote some million dollar endorsement she got to lose her baby weight, in a bikini…

When the bikini hustle for attention should have happened back when she was on fucking TV..

I hate how bitches lose sight of the simple “I don’t get naked that’s for sluts”…when they should be getting naked…and then when they shouldn’t be getting naked…like when they are 100 fucking years old…they get naked…because they remember the past when people cared about them…

It’s called striking when the iron is hot, maybe if this Sabrina Witch worked harder in her youth, there’d be no need to whore herself now…

Either way, it happened…

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  • Just Him

    Yo, Einstein. She did a spread for Maxim in in 99 or 2000 that was better than fuckin Playboy. Do the research, youll like it.

  • Steve

    Jealous much?

  • needabettername

    Don’t usually comment — just wanted to say this is the most poorly written, idiotic non-point I’ve ever read.

  • Fuckufromtexas

    Spoken by the prick who couldn’t get laid if his life depended on it. She’s still Hotter than all the plastic bitches in 2014.

  • She’s still got “it ” because she works it .

  • Krejaton


  • Harry

    Yes she is still good looking. Kudos for her to keep in shape rather than become unattractive. This writer should have worked harder when he was young. He could sit at home by himself looking at photos of women he will never be with rather than attack people who never did him harm in an attempt to enrich himself bypimping out his garbage rags he calls journalism.