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Kanye West and Taylor Swift Have the Same Agent of the Day

In believing nothing you see on television or in the entertainment industy, because nothing gets on TV or without it being run by an approval board, because there is too much money on the line, making it impossible for people to just jump on stage and do shit like Kanye pulled, it turns out Kanye and Taylor both have the same agent.

His name is David Wirtschafter.

That means this was a lie to the people and a lie to everyone they have been interviewed by, including my favorite vagina, Whoopi Goldburg, reminding us that Talyor swift is a usless fucking cunt just trying to get more buzz and Kanye is still the piece of shit, closet case, only child brat with a dead mother.

We’re all such fucking idiots and should know better than this, so remember nothing you see is real. These people are just puppets and we just drink the fucking Kool Aid. I am usually way smarter than this. Oh well.

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  • jj

    go jump off a bridge loser writer of this lazy ass article!

  • gilp

    I believe that shit. Kayne is a fucking joke and she is just a generic piece of country pussy.
    The pop machine fools america again and sells more ad space.


  • john

    What does that prove. A lot of people have the same agent. It is no different than a brother punching his sister, but under your logic that would be impossible because they have the same father. The father told his son to punch his sister?

  • bozo

    Jay Leno too….and who was on Jay Lenos show right after???

  • suckadick

    ^^^ wtf are you talking about? Your analogy is either pure fail or I am just fucking stupid. Either way I wouldnt put it past someone to try to set some controversy up. Maybe it was set up or maybe it wasnt. I dont know why anyone would want to fake being the biggest asshole in the world. Either way fuck them both and fuck you guy who wrote the analogy. I had that shit 3 times to try and figure out what you were saying.

  • suckadick

    Bozo is Jay’s network and MTV owned by the same company? Im too lazy to look it up.

  • bozo

    NBC is Leno owned by NBC Universal which is 80% GE and 20% Vivendi. MTV is owned by Viacom which is part of Viacom….previously CBS/Viacom. So no. Also look at the hoax history at the MTV videos….they have done it before.

  • Lame

    Wtf? This post makes no sense. God whoever wrote this article must be one paranoid motherfucker. Just because they have the same manager does NOT mean it is staged. I very much DOUBT Kanye would risk his career to boost Taylor’s. Even if it was staged, does it fcking matter? Wouldn’t be the first time and certainly not the last. Get over it loser and start doing other stuff then sitting behind the computer all day writing pathetic blogs!

  • chill

    anyone thats in the industry inner circle knew this… just like most of the recent rapper beefs.. and celebrities going crazy.. arrests.. this is hollywood and its all entertainment.. alot of money is on the line… the sad part is it gets real shady and intentionally influences the youth. american youth is learning/seeing lots of wierd things that will shape them in very destructive ways. hollywood is a strong industry for america.. strong exports so big players have much stake in it… yawn.

  • dan

    Is there anyone more annoying than Kanye West….

  • whowhatwhere?

    where is this information from?

  • Amber_Taylor

    But why does she have 2 agents?

  • Jack the Tripper

    Kanye West – ‘Actor’? Dear God, please no.

  • Louis Cabeza

    Good call on this one. Like the song goes, “show business kids making movies about themselves, you know they don’t give a fuck about anybody else.”

  • Thomas Jane

    You white people think that Kanye did something racist.

    He just told the truth, like Obama does! If you don’t like Kanye, then don’t watch MTV, mothafucka! Peace..

  • whitey

    hey thomas jane shut the hell up,
    from us white ppl