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Kanye West and Taylor Swift Have the Same Agent of the Day

In believing nothing you see on television or in the entertainment industy, because nothing gets on TV or without it being run by an approval board, because there is too much money on the line, making it impossible for people to just jump on stage and do shit like Kanye pulled, it turns out Kanye and Taylor both have the same agent.

His name is David Wirtschafter.

That means this was a lie to the people and a lie to everyone they have been interviewed by, including my favorite vagina, Whoopi Goldburg, reminding us that Talyor swift is a usless fucking cunt just trying to get more buzz and Kanye is still the piece of shit, closet case, only child brat with a dead mother.

We’re all such fucking idiots and should know better than this, so remember nothing you see is real. These people are just puppets and we just drink the fucking Kool Aid. I am usually way smarter than this. Oh well.

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Some Britney Spears Pictures with her Agent Boyfriend Re-Release of the Day

These are some old pictures of Britney and her agent boyfriend. A story that hit yesterday and is being used to cover up something, but I’m not sure what. Maybe the fact she had an abortion, or maybe it’s some conspiracy organized by her over-bearing control freak alcoholic father cuz he needs her money to keep his shitty businesses afloat.

I’ve probably already posted them. But I guess any excuse for bikini pictures is good enough for me, even if the pictures are of Britney, a piece of ass a lot more weathered than the prime teenage chainsmoker in American Apparel I was sitting next to 5 minutes ago.

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