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Perverted Granny Gets Charged for Banging a 12 Year old Of the Day

You know what happens when a motherfucker fucks a 12 year old girl, we get charged for fucking life, and when we are in prison for life in prison, we get beat the fuck down on a daily basis for being a child molester, and you know what, rightfully so, because I agree with that shit, fucking a 12 year old is really sick and you have to be pretty fucking twisted to get off to that, let alone set the fucking scene to make a 12 year old want to fuck you back, just getting laid by an adult who wants to fuck and likes to fuck takes a lot of effort and seduction, so despite how convenient the no period / no pregnancy may seem alright in theory, but they are really just kids and need to be left to be kids.

But when a 55 year old who based on this video, I guess is pretending to be 95, with her walker fucks a 12 year old boy, she only gets 5 years as a maximum sentence, where all the other inmates will high five her before prison raping her ass with their tongues, because the 12 year old dick did no damage to her dying pussy, making it more fun to fist. I was 12 once and I probably would have wanted to get raped by an older woman, cuz the girls my age didn’t have tits yet, but it is definitely not a service when dealing with the nightmares and sexual issues that will haunt a mother for life because of the horrible memories of her dying body on all fours and shit…disgusting.

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