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Breakdancing Granny to Lift Your Spirits of the Day

This has as much sex appeal as the dancing baby on Aly Mcbeal….no I didn’t ever watch that show cuz I am not a lesbian but here is a video I saw of some old lady, or hipster who dyed her hair grey to look ironic, or maybe she was just some homeless person who found some E or meth outside some afterparty that took place in an alley and the trash on my facebook is going nuts over this – so I figured I’d post this for you as I ride the Montana Fishburne fame….

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Granny Beatdown of the Day

I guess it is true what they say about getting old and retiring, it fucking sucks and leaves you lying on the ground covered in piss getting yelled at and beat down by a woman. I think it’s safe to say this is staged, you know the whole lookin’ into the camera and laughing and smiling but I guess it’s up for discussion, so your weekend assignment is to get to the bottom of this video….

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Perverted Granny Gets Charged for Banging a 12 Year old Of the Day

You know what happens when a motherfucker fucks a 12 year old girl, we get charged for fucking life, and when we are in prison for life in prison, we get beat the fuck down on a daily basis for being a child molester, and you know what, rightfully so, because I agree with that shit, fucking a 12 year old is really sick and you have to be pretty fucking twisted to get off to that, let alone set the fucking scene to make a 12 year old want to fuck you back, just getting laid by an adult who wants to fuck and likes to fuck takes a lot of effort and seduction, so despite how convenient the no period / no pregnancy may seem alright in theory, but they are really just kids and need to be left to be kids.

But when a 55 year old who based on this video, I guess is pretending to be 95, with her walker fucks a 12 year old boy, she only gets 5 years as a maximum sentence, where all the other inmates will high five her before prison raping her ass with their tongues, because the 12 year old dick did no damage to her dying pussy, making it more fun to fist. I was 12 once and I probably would have wanted to get raped by an older woman, cuz the girls my age didn’t have tits yet, but it is definitely not a service when dealing with the nightmares and sexual issues that will haunt a mother for life because of the horrible memories of her dying body on all fours and shit…disgusting.

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Grandmother’s Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard of the Day

It is Friday. I am hungover. I am not in the mood to post. But when videos like this grandmother showing off her milkshake that brings all the boys to the yard, I can’t help but get excited. I’m talking awkward erection in the middel of this McDonalds excited, making the old ladies drinking their discounted coffee’s because they have nother better to do while waiting to die, blush. Enjoy.

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What the Hell is Ryan Seacrest Doing to Miley’s Grandmother of the Day

I like grandmother’s as much as the next guy, you know, because they are usually widows, usually have money or at least a decent pension, usually make great cake, and usually can’t get pregnant because they are old and dried up, but are still horny enough to put out, if you can stomach that shit because old chicks are fucking gross to look at, but at least you know they are really experienced and have less inhibitions since they are ready to die or have early signs of dementia, making them not scared of anal or pretty much anything, and they fall asleep at 9 pm, leaving me with the night to myself to fuck with real girls, but I still don’t really get what the fuck Ryan Seacrest is doing to Miley’s grandmother’s head….

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Goldie Hawn’s Grandma Tits of the Day

Since I am on this old slutty bitch’s with money kick, I figured it would only make sense to post these pictures of grandma Goldie Hawn and her sloppy saggy grandma tits in a see through dress, because I have a feeling this new fetish of mine is only going to last a minute, and because some of my fondest memories were spent peeping on my grandma getting ready for church, you thin grey arms and ridiculously large bra that scarred me for so many years, have finally found a place in my masturbation catalog.

That said, for those of you who aren’t feeling the whole sex with an old lady thing, I figure these pics can double as some Friday the 13th shit that horror movies and nightmares are made of, but I just think you’re being close minded….but then again if her tits aged this grcefully, and by gracefully, I mean shitty, just imagine what her pussy looks like…I’m thinking a monster, or rotting flesh or maybe even some sort of sea creature of some sort and none of that matters cuz here are the pics.

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