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Breakdancing Granny to Lift Your Spirits of the Day

This has as much sex appeal as the dancing baby on Aly Mcbeal….no I didn’t ever watch that show cuz I am not a lesbian but here is a video I saw of some old lady, or hipster who dyed her hair grey to look ironic, or maybe she was just some homeless person who found some E or meth outside some afterparty that took place in an alley and the trash on my facebook is going nuts over this – so I figured I’d post this for you as I ride the Montana Fishburne fame….

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I am – Daydreamin’of Some Break Dancers of the Day

You probably don’t remember my stepDAYDREAM videos, because anyone who reads the site now, probably didn’t read it a year and a half ago. I’d pretty much throw up random videos I took of random things but as days turned into months and months into years I got lazy and stopped bothering. Even last week, I saw an inuit prostitute rockin’ out on her discman and I thought shit that’d be good for a Daydream video, because who’d fuckin believe I saw an inuit with a discman rockin’ out, but I didn’t grab that video, I fucked up and instead got this one of some break dancer doing some breakdancing. This is a new start to an old trick and I hope you guys get down with it….and if you have any videos of obscure shit you’ve seen, send it in and I’ll use it as if it was my own…..because that’s the kind of guy I am.

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