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Marisa Miller and her 3 Million Dollar Bra of the Day

The Vicotria’s Secret fashion show is coming soon, so these motherfucker are stepping up their game pushing their bullshit, because people seem to think half naked girls are news worthy or at least worth talking about, when really the whole thing bores me. Sure I like bitches who get naked as much as the next dude, I’m a fucking pervert, why wouldn’t I, but I don’t like the whole business around it.

So not only are Victoria’s Secret exploiting immigrant women but also all working these American should-be strippers like Marisa Miller and here they are dressing her and her fake tits up in her 3,000,000 dollar bra like she was Heidi Klum, but I guess she is really just proving that you can dress a hot bodied pig up like woman, but shit doesn’t make it okay to bring the pig to meet your family…

I know calling Marisa Miller a pig is a little insane, I just think the whole thing is a waste of all of our energy…who fucking cares about a bra company, what are you guys a bunch of fucking cross-dressin’ homos???

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  • Imtheloserbehindyou

    I guess even VS is cutting back. No more ten million dollar bras.
    I would love to pound her holes.

  • testington

    She is hot, but is it just me or does her face always look dirty? I think it is a bad bronzer + freckles thing