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Christina Ricci in a Bikini in Miami with her Boyfriend of the Day

I have an almost creepy one-sided relationship with Christina Ricci, because like my neighbor’s daughter, I have watched her grow up with anticipatory masturbation in mind. It’s like when they are 7 or 8 you know they don’t turn you on yet, but if all things go as planned, or as they appear they may go, 10 years down the line, bitch will be a fucking prize, so you better be nice to her so she has fond memories of you when she starts experimenting with cock.

We’ve seen her as the chubby busty teenage goth, who dressed like everyday was Halloween, all pale skinned and dark haired, who seemed real intense about life and probably into anal.

We saw her go anorexic and crazy and amputate her tits and now we see her on the beach with one of her boyfriends with some boy haircut and the sad thing in all this is that she hasn’t grown up into something I expected her to grow up into back when she was 10.

Sure, I’d fuck if it was laying around and I was bored with a hardon, but that doesn’t validate the high hopes I had for her….but she is skinny and in a bikini and there’s nothing wrong with that, pretty much ever….enjoy.

Pics via INF

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  • Joe

    i liked her in black snake moan

  • drunken pig

    Yeah…chain her back up and listen to her moan for black snake!!

  • Fuckstick

    dress her in her Addam’s family outfit and fuck her face , twist her pony tails and smash her face into my pubic bush so she gasps for air and occasionally let her breathe and spit in her mouth . Spin her around and ram my fat dick in her tight lil puckered bunghole . Pull out and blast my hot salty semen in her eyes and rub it in , smear her make up and fart on her face and step on her head , finger her stretched out shithole and feed her my fingers . I wanna fuck 1990 Wednesday Addam’s face and pooptrap , oh fuck yeah

  • BoB Bowie

    Imagine how good she would look without the breast reduction.

  • Aidan

    that is a massive 5 head

  • m3

    I preferred her when she was thick with massive tits. =(

  • Fuckstick

    5 head ? Fuckin scarred up sliced turkey titted bitch got eleven head . FUCK HER FACE , PULL HER MOUTH TO THE SIDE ,THATS RIGHT…… FISH HOOK BABY ! Give her a big ole halloween jack o lantern face , pull the corners of her mouth into a grimace and then into a smile , laugh clown bitch laugh ha ha I wanna squirm my fat middle stink finger up her tight lil rosebud and tickle the turd she’s gonna shit tomorrow OH YEAH

  • Bob Smith

    She has a head that makes her look like she has downs syndrome.

    However, with the lights out, I may not care…