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Tila Tequila is Naked on Ustream and only 1000 People Watch of the Day

Internet Marketer Tila Tequila is desperate as fuck for attention because the world has caught onto the lie that has been fed to them by the media and realized she’s nothing more than a fake titty whore who was in the right place at the right time and has no business being on TV or in Movies or really to have any celebrity. She is just a bitch who played the interenet properly by getting the most myspace friends, since people on myspace approved her friend request cuz she was half naked, and when mainstream media moved onto the internet and didn’t understand the internet, they assumed she was marketable and not just a useless idiot. They thought she was the fucking internet and they made her famous…..but thankfully that came to an end and now bitch is just alone and struggling, delusional about her celebrity and fanbase.

Most importantly she is getting naked live on webcam, doing what attention craving whores do before they forget that their purpose in life is nothing more than a webcam girl pretending to pay her way through college and the funniest thing in all this is that only 1,000 people bothered watching her.

I think more people would watch me naked on cam, just proving how fucking useless and irrelevant this bitch is despite how many “Twitter” followers she “has”….I think live feed of her killing herself is going to be her grand finale….

Here is the video…

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  • CGJones

    Video dont work any other ones?

  • Richard Hung Himself

    She’ll od quick as you please soon enough,while she’s in her coma that’s when my job as a hospital orderly allows me to make my suave moves on her,videos posted thereafter.

  • Anony

    Lookit her head.
    I honestly think she’s an alien.

  • Barthalamu

    I think shes coked the fuck out.and masturbating her rubber vagina.

    too funny. WATCH ME WATCH ME. its fucked.she is actually talking to herself.

  • Anon

    she is just desperate. never really like fake titties, especially her. wouldnt be surprised if she have a sex tape coming out too.

  • drunken pig

    Cum swallowing…$10 sucky fucky…..Cambodian refugee whore….insane…your 15 minute’s were up an hour ago!!….now get on your knee’s and strap me a header…….what do you mean there’s a waiting list!!……

  • Bob Smith

    I would pay her $15, but she has to call me “Joe” and take it in the shitter with a smile.

  • I’d still hit it.

  • nixon

    will she off herself with pills, a gun, or throw herself off a balcony? I hope she wencasts it.. it’ll be the only thing she ever did worth watching

  • Funny!