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Brittany Snow Masturbates in Some Movie of the Day

I guess things have dried up for Brittany Snow since her life changing role in John Tucker Mst Die…cuz bitch has taken up masturbating in this movie is called The Vicious Kind, something you know real bottom feeders who got all excited after they were popular for a minute and bought all these things they can’t afford today…so now they’re simulating cumming on camera and I’m not complaining…not that I find this hot…I just don’t really care either way….

Bonus – Here she is getting raped….I think….I’m not really sure what’s going on here but I think he fake cums inside her and I’m always good with fake cumming inside desperat chicks cuz I don’t like unwanted pregancy….

Either way, this is a shitty fucking sex scenes in shitty fucking movies I’ve never heard of…

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