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Remember Keira Knightley of the Day

After seeing these pictures, I wish I didn’t….I’m being a little over dramatic…She’s not all that bad…I just didn’t have anywhere to go with this post since there’s a lot of clothing going on and very little nipple, pussy lip or ass flashing going on. There is also no dick in her mouth, her pussy isn’t getting eaten and I can’t even see fucking panties or bra. It’s pretty much a fucking disaster esepcially when she’s still young and more than capable of being one of those attention craving, insecure rich cunts all the other celebrities seem to be. Oh well.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I haven’t ironed my clothes since this bitch walked out of my life.

    How sad.

  • Expletive(BMP)

    HorneyLohanWanker, no worries, at least you’re one of the few people that got to sniff her snatch and earned the right to say, “I sniffed the cunt of Keira Knightley and it smelled of onions and crayfish.” Or ‘fish and chips’ if you prefer.