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Alicia Keys in Some Bikini Video in Dubai of the Day

The hottest part of this video is when Alicia Keys falls on her face, not totally because I hate her, but because I like seeing stuggle on a bitches face, especially when she’s got an ego and things she’s untouchable like Alicia Keys does. She’s fucking everywhere now, pushing this album hard, collaborating with every artist, appearing on every talk show, and now releasing bikini videos to the internet, let’s just hope these bikini videos turn in getting gang banged in the tour bus, cuz I don’t trust a girl until I know what her vagina looks like and even then I don’t trust them, but at least know what their vagina looks like, which is better than not knowing what their vagina looks like, cuz otherwise I’ll just always wonder…if ya know what I mean…

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She fucking sand monkeys now?

  • Jayro

    ROFL sand monkeys, the guy she is seeing is Puertorican homie. ROFL bro i see you keep up on hip hop news to really know what and who she dates. Its pretty sad though because the only reason i know is because i listen the rap stations and heard it.

    Do you look up all the women on the internet that you stalk Wanker. Damn i would hate to meet you in a dark alley. You might rape me you little homo

  • Bob Smith

    Not very attractive. But she’s rich, so I’m strangely drawn to her…

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Jayro, whats da matter ma nigga? I hurt your melanin enhanced feelings?

  • JayRo

    Wanker you did not hurt my melanin enhanced feelings, the sand monkey comment was funny because she is seeing an arab looking guy, but he is Hispanic.

    Wanker, quite frankly I am disappointed in you my suspicious friend. You have been missing on prime pussy all your life and have been rejected by the socially cool and now you wish to be rebellious. My white friend, I love you and need for you to change your life for the better and go out and have sex with a hooker.

    It seems that the rejection and seclusion is making you a hater to those successful men that are getting prime delicatessen pussy. I bet Alicia Keys pussy juice is like fine wine, you cant hate that has to be some tasty pussy.

    Wanker, Hating is the end result of being a hater. Hating is wide spread, very popular and a highly enjoyable past time for many and it seems you are enjoying the hate. Wanker a rule for all the men like us is to never hate on those of the male species that are dicking prime young wet pussy, Wanker it is a sin in the holy book of man taint.

    God bless Swiss Beatz for dicking down Alica, cause i would give my left nut to suck on one of her asscheeks.

  • Bob Smith

    “i would give my left nut to suck on one of her asscheeks.”

    You might be a little anally fixated.

    And nobody hates her, but she’s just not that attractive. There’s no crime in being visually challenged, but don’t try to convince us a turd is a diamond.

  • I would fuck her and you would too

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