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Ashley Olsen’s Hipster Jog of the Day

I hate hipsters. I thought that shit would have died by now but for some reason it’s just become mainstream even though the idiot hipsters still think they are part of an exclusive group despite being part of the idiot masses. Something I thought was the total opposite of being a hipster so I get confused when I see a huge mass of jaded, cynical, indy people because I used to think “indy” or whatever it is that hipsters stand for besides no washing, pretending to be artists and cooler than fucking cool while dressing like they don’t have a trust fund….and you can partially blame the Olsen Twins and their “Hobo” chic back when they were the fashion icons they were labeled by the media despite lookin’ like Michael Jackson’s love child with a Treasure Troll and here she is taking her cause to another level while jogging and not missin’ a fucking beat from her marriage to leggings and ripped ratty flannel. What a fucking joke.

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  • lauren

    aren’t you friends with billie porter?! shes a fucking huge hipster!!!

  • lauren

    AND lauren hastings

  • Drunken Pig

    Is it just me or did these twins,go from looking 16,to looking 55 overnight?? Fucking hideous!!

  • Iva Boaner

    Ashley looks like a hobo…as she jogs to the bank to visit her billions of dollars!