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Gwen Stefani’s Man Body in a Bikini of the Day

The day Gwen Stefani started wearing that pregnant belly prosthetic, I knew she was commited to pretending she was a chick despite having no doubt her No Doubt tits weren’t attached to something with a pussy, but were more likely designed by LAMB for someone with a cock and now she’s on the beach in a bikini keepin up the tranny lie. I’m not sure when or if she’s going to give up the act, she seems to have invested a lot into making the world think those broad shoulders, ripped stomach and garbage tits are not something you’d find on a mother of two but more on a topless pit boy high on poppers in the gay club and ready for anal…..but instead her and Rossdale are going suburban with their homosexual marriage and the whole thing weirds me out…

If you don’t believe Rossdale’s a fag and that Stefani’s a man just read his Wikipedia….

In his 1995 autobiography Take It Like A Man, Boy George claimed that Rossdale had an affair with the British singer Peter Robinson, a.k.a. Marilyn. In a 1996 interview for Rolling Stone, Rossdale responded with a shrug: “That’s George’s take – he doesn’t know me. There’s a queue of people going to their lawyers about stuff in his book. I hope he manages to sell some books by putting my name in there.” Elsewhere Gavin said, “I wasn’t dating Marilyn. We were, and still are, good friends. George thinks everyone is gay.”Marilyn also denied the affair, but later claimed to have lied at Rossdale’s request because Rossdale “was just becoming successful in America” at the time of the revelation. In 2009, Marilyn said they had been “together five years” in the 1980s, but Rossdale’s representative denied the story. Marilyn added “Gavin and Gwen are perfect for each other, but he was the love of my life.”

I’m not reporting news here people – I’m reporting fact

Pics via Fame

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  • Bob Smith


    At least she’s in shape.

  • Squeasel

    god i would suck the corn out of her shit.

  • Expletive(BMP)

    faggot or not, i think it this fucked up life, we don’t pass anything until death, though i claim to not have fucked women, i may have had an experience, as i said, we don’t finish nothing of this fucking insanity until death.

    so no one’s a fag and no one’s a virgin, at least until death.

  • Ryan

    So, how long until you get that overdue cataract surgery?