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Brittany Murphy 911 Call of the Day

This is a pleasant way to start off the weekend….don’t do drugs you idiots…this is pretty fucking horrible and that dude Simon’s a fucking wreck counting like a retard in the background…Nothing funny about this….it’s actually fucking depressing ….I should post tits instead of this…seriously….my god….this is burning my ears….why am I posting this….fuck.

Since we’re doing 911 Calls – here’s the Casey Johsnon & Johnson 911 Call where the woman calling doesn’t even give a fuck that she’s dead- probably a common theme in her life – where was Nicky Hilton her self-proclaimed best friend…assholes

That was depressing – how about something to lighten the mood…a little Solid Potato Salad Pussy Eating Cartwheel….

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  • lisa.berlin

    can’t listen to the whole…
    SO sad.
    oh my god.

  • Deadite

    Yeah that is sad i couldn’t listen to it all either

  • Pete

    That was extremely frustrating to listen to. She should have handed the phone to the guy doing the chest compressions. There was no way the lady could have communicated that correctly with the state of mind she was in…

  • Expletive(BMP)

    i’m a sick fuck, but i can’t hear this, maybe i’m a pretender but death is so fucking sad, it makes us seem trivial and pointless, fuck fuck fuck fuck, what fucking world. whatever their demons and faults, both of them didn’t deserve this, i’m sorry for both their families. as far as memories go, ONE who should remember may not do so, more to pity I’m afraid— barad FOREVER, keep us thoughtfully put.

  • luv2lickclit

    Fuck you Jesus I fucking hate you for posting this sad sad sad shit…..I came to it on my new shirt you asshole and for that i hate you….

  • Billdozer

    I’m a sick fuck too and it would have been funny if you heard the mother scream at the guy to stop fucking her and start doing cpr

  • Billdozer

    But my heart goes out to the loved ones it is sad

  • russel

    second video was kinda funny, what a bitch

  • k

    The 2nd audio was amazingly heartless. Typical LA.
    “Hello, there’s a dead person in my guesthouse… yes, the 3 of us here are pretty sure she’s dead…”

  • Depravado

    no woman should call 911, they’re too fucking hysterical on emergencies.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    The dude mentioned Brittany Murphys nipples and I admit, I gotta a little hard.

  • Drunken Pig

    Tsk Tsk Tsk….Im a sick fuck…you all know that..but C’mon..a little compassion for the just departed…unless it’s about Micheal(I used to be good looking black boy but now Im an ugly old white women paid off people ’cause I molested their children pedophile of the day)Jackson!!

  • Hot Black Chick

    This is why I hate other women. Always overly emotional. Britney Murphy was a crackhead and her mom knew it, but choose to be in denile, (also considering Brittany had been her meal ticket for more than 15 years). Mom then has the balls to tell the emergency dispatcher that her daughter was on “no medication”. Meanwhile instead of getting her head straight; at least for the moment, to focus on the literal life and death of possibly reviving her daughter within her last moments. This bitch decided to mentally “check out” b/c she knew her daughter was already dead b/c of all the different types of “cocktails” she ingested in her life time.

    If her daughter’s potential death at that time was so “painful”, bitch would have manned up at that moment to put all she had into trying to save her daughter in those last moments – instead of screaming like an idiot.Yeah, I know, I’m a heartless, bitch, but that’s life. Admittedly I started to laugh a few times during this bitches non-descript, pointless wailing. Fuck that – her “mother” deserved what she got.

  • Bob Smith

    For the record, I love hot black chicks.

  • Drunken Pig


  • Joe

    Oh man. No doubt hubby moron threw her in the shower and caused the heart attack & vomiting. — then totally botched the CPR.
    Lots of fuck ups !
    That poor girl may have been saved, rehab and had a good 40 more years

  • Annabelle

    Hot Black Chick, you are a waste of space. I can’t wait until karma bites you full on in your big fat ass and someone you love dies right in front of you. Lets see if you laugh then. With your attitude, I’m pretty sure no one’s going to be wailing in grief when you check out.

    And it’s not “denile” it’s denial. No one takes people seriously if they don’t even fucking know how to spell.

  • Squeasel

    I came pretty hard to the woman in the first call. Shit was hot.