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Victoria Silvstedt Still in Her Bikini of the Day

I guess I don’t hate Victoria Silvstedt as much as I say that I do, because I still manage to post on her when she is in her bikini, sure she’s the only person the paparazzi are getting pictures of in her bikini because everyone else has gone back to work….So despite her trying to sue me and ruin me early on in the life of this site and years of bitter commentary about her, I think I’ve finally got over the anger because I know she knows she is old and her plastic surgery is aging weirdly, that she doesn’t have talent or a real career, I know she knows all she has going for her is her body and even that is getting older and less relevant, I know she’s decided to be a whore on salary for some midget billionaire who uses her for his weird fetishes he can’t pull on his wife and I guess that means she realizes that she’s nothin’ special, the worthless bottom of the barrel, so talking about her or letting you jerk off to her is more about me doing community service, you know saving a broken soul and reminding her that despite not getting jobs, people still care enough to jerk off to her and I guess that’s my way of thanking her for ruining herself and becoming a little more humble. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still a fuckin’ cunt, just a broken one and I’ve always loved broken cunt….and here she is showing off hers in a white bikini…my favorite…

Pics via INF

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  • iloveeurope

    I hear she is one of the highest charging escorts in Europe.

  • Sune

    Aside from her oversized bosom which she obtained only to please the wankers in the US, she has a perfectly typical Swedish body. A good body but a very average body. You yanks are so hard up. Why don’t you jerk off to pictures of your mother? Or barnyard animals? Or maybe they’re the same? As for Vicki being an escort – haha. Never on your life. Jerk off again, loser.

  • Drunken Pig

    ^^If your a buck-toothed inbred royal wanker from the U.K…enough said!!
    However,if you are Swedish,your only feasible export is your women!! Sweden per capita’,has the record year after year,for the most male suicide’s…nice stat’s…RIIIIIIIICOOOOOOLAAAAAH!!…Go hang yourself Sune…FAG….by the way,IM CANADIAN….wanna play hockey…didn’t think so….FAGGOT !!

  • Bob Smith

    She’s not ugly, but I don’t think she’s that good looking.

    The ridiculous sized tits, the flat-pack ass.

    You’d fuck her, but you wouldn’t feel good about it afterwards.

  • D A Truth

    Sune: Who the fuck are you? Her mother? Her brother? Sister? Like you know shit about her. Go away,you joke. Go jerk-off in front of a mirror-THAT ought to cure your delusions of grandeur.

  • Walker

    I’m from the US and what we do to average looking women like this is take them dirt back riding. You know, sneak one in her mud flap then ask her to make us a sammich on the way out. Trust me, she’ll be abackdoor betty over here like most Swedes are that come to the states.

    (A good body, bad tit job – which on fucks in LA and Dallas like – and ok face).