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Lily Allen’s Ass is a Serious Mistake of the Day

I don’t know what the fuck was going through Lily Allen’s head when she decided to wear this outfit, but I do know that her lower body is fucking disgusting.

Shit brings back memories of when I worked at an old folks home cleaning shit off pretty much almost dead, old, sloppy, saggy, flat, fat asses. There’s really not much more to say about this as I deal with the confusion of why a cunt so vile would try to pull off the pantsless performing style on National TV.

Maybe she’s upset Gaga who never wears pants is a huge phenomenon because let’s face it, Gaga isn’t famous because she doesn’t wear pants and does wear stupid costumes, she’s famous because there’s a whole lot of gay teenagers and retards who buy into her shit.

But I can guarantee Lily Allen would get more fans without making the public sick to their fucking stomach, contemplate homosexuality, and run to our Lady Gaga posters to perform our daily ritual of worshiping her just so that Lily Allen and her fat disgusting ass disappears….

Pics via Bauer and Pics via LFI

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    Hot bitch! Needs to wank my crank.

  • Oliver

    That would be so much fun to nail. I think her ass looks great, but I am a sick bastard.

  • MM

    I’d fuck Lily Allen’s big ass like she owed me money!

  • Drunken Pig

    Id pound her starfish untill it prolapsed!!

  • Shemp von Daeniken

    hey drunken step: are you blind? or just stupid?

    lily’s got a nice ass; a chick’s ass. this is what chicks look like from behind.

    just go nail a dude in the keister, you fag. you know you wanna…

  • trizzle

    How fucking gay are you??!! Those comments should officially disqualify you from being allowed to write a blog. Sheesh. Fucking IDIOT.

  • alexa

    what is really ironic about the disgusting pictures that have graced the pages such as this, thesuperficial, etc lately, is that I recently went on women’s health website to download a few of their new workouts to my ipod touch and guess what was one of the new work outs?! the “lily allen” work out…. i dunno about anyone else, but if I had to judge by ANY of the pictures of her that I have seen lately, the last program i would hop onto is her fitness program.

  • Johnny Ra X

    Alexa: “disgusting pictures”?

    Wise up…

  • mofosoandso

    You need to stop polishing your knob to pornstars with manufactured bodies and have sex with a real-looking woman, like Lily Allen, who looks fucking great.

  • nunya

    What’s with the lily allen and lady gagme fucking lovers?
    Kindly fuck off.

  • Johnny Ra X

    nunya- you’re an idiot. kindly suck my dick…

  • hacksaw

    I’d hit it.

  • Pop

    I don’t get it…. Is this meant to be sarcasm? Because that is one NICE piece of Arse!

  • I could break my dick off in that ass.

  • vaglover

    She is a real, beautiful women. I think she looks great.

  • Really? Disgusting?

    This is a pretty lame article, not even funny just sad and angry.
    What is with this writer, does he hate women or what?
    Her arse is fine for goodness sakes.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    She needs to smoke MORE!

  • Jon

    The guy who writes the articles for this site is retarded.

  • Good stuff!

  • sera

    i think she has a fantastic arse

  • It’s obvious the guy who writes this blog is a fag. And if it’s a chick who writes this site, she’s a fag too.

  • Ass-lover

    If this a male writing this, I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but you’re Q-U-E-E-R! I’d do that doggie-style in a heartbeat. Lady Gaga too!

  • Rawrevolution

    hahahah this guy literally knows fucking nothing about women obviously. Lilly Allen is fucking gorgeous. i honestly saw nothing wrong with that picture of her ass. i think this guy has no friends so he looks online to find pictures he can criticize so maybe someone out there will have the same ideas and date him, he’s gotta be fat and gross as he sits in front of his computer in his tighty whiteys hoping that someday a girl will come by who’s fat and gross and has the same ideals…cut your wrists queer maybe it’ll give you more of a life than sittin here givin shit to pretty celebrities that no one agrees with.