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Lily Allen’s Ass is a Serious Mistake of the Day

I don’t know what the fuck was going through Lily Allen’s head when she decided to wear this outfit, but I do know that her lower body is fucking disgusting.

Shit brings back memories of when I worked at an old folks home cleaning shit off pretty much almost dead, old, sloppy, saggy, flat, fat asses. There’s really not much more to say about this as I deal with the confusion of why a cunt so vile would try to pull off the pantsless performing style on National TV.

Maybe she’s upset Gaga who never wears pants is a huge phenomenon because let’s face it, Gaga isn’t famous because she doesn’t wear pants and does wear stupid costumes, she’s famous because there’s a whole lot of gay teenagers and retards who buy into her shit.

But I can guarantee Lily Allen would get more fans without making the public sick to their fucking stomach, contemplate homosexuality, and run to our Lady Gaga posters to perform our daily ritual of worshiping her just so that Lily Allen and her fat disgusting ass disappears….

Pics via Bauer and Pics via LFI

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