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Sarah Silverman Ruins Lesbian Fantasies of the Day

I hate Sarah Silverman partially because she is fucking ugly but also because I never thought she was funny despite the world buying into her whole “be as gross and as inappropriate as possible” comedy. I just thought she had solid marketing behind her and since the world are a bunch of fucking spineless sheep with no opinion of their own, it made sense for them to find her funny, or at least say they do, so that they fit into the miserable conversation their coworkers have in the office.

But then again, I hate all female comedians, not because I don’t think vagina can be funny, but because they are all fucking dykes, or desperate fat chicks to begin with, and I fucking hate dykes and fat chicks. They are the breed of people that I pretend don’t exist, and I’d rather spend my time laughing at my bad jokes I tell hot little college girls in efforts to get them to show me their vaginas….

I guess in Sarah Silverman’s defense, she has been involved in a really funny joke at least once, and that was when I overheard a group of guys talking about how hot she is and they were fucking serious…I don’t know what kind of fucking guy is turned on by a girl solely based on her comedy, or why someone would think there is anything attractive about this big bushed, sloppy tit, who fucks Jimmy Kimmel pussy, but I can only blame the same Marketing campaign that got her a career.

Here she is trying to be funny, pretending to be a lesbian for the camera and it is really just a reminder that all my lesbian fantasies are NEVER what actual lesbianism is like. Actual lesbianism is a disgusting thing and that depresses me…..

Pics via Bauer

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    I would do Sarah as long as she kept talking. Once she stops talking, all the wonder would be lost.

  • (608): She said I drew a line on her forehead with my cum and whispered “Simba”
    (610): I just sent a picture of my dick to a girl, her phone gave her an error message “attachment was much too large to be sent to your device” Win?
    (613): she was blowing me and I farted, she gave me a high five and kept going.
    (740): I would plow her like an amish guy supporting his family
    (MDT): My Drunk Texts.com – For those of you who turn into prolific and inappropriate texters after a few drinks, be warned: your SMS ramblings may end up as someone else’s entertainment online.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    That text place is a cover for gay hookups. I shit you not.

  • Expletive:BMP

    sarah silverman is an awesome jew i’d like to fuck up the ass, and not because she’s a jew, or looks like mr ed’s human half after ten rounds of cunt beating, no it’s for none of those reasons, i’d actually fuck her in the ass because she’s pretending to be a dyke, and like all dykes, i find fucking them in the ass is as pseudo fag as fucking a trap up the ass; since neither group is exactly what they should be, fucking either of them in the ass wouldn’t mind me gay, make me gay, or suggest i like faggots in any other way other than they being from the same species i’m not a part of—so fucking Sarah Silverman up the ass doesn’t make me a faggot, not even a little pseudo-fag.

  • Tim

    She’s funny. She’s cute. You suck. And so does your site. hollywoodtuna.com

  • nunya

    She has a rat face and her show sucks balls.

  • zipcity

    Jesus, it’s pretty clear you’re a homosexual. And that’s OK. You don’t have to hide behind this “Ooooh, that hot girl with the vagina and the dirty mouth is soooo GROSS!” bit. Just admit that you don’t like Sarah Silverman because you prefer hot men to hot women. It’s OK! We’ll accept you. Well, a few of us will accept you.

  • Bob Smith

    She has too much dark hair all over her body, and she has the face of a monkey.

    I mean, yeah, if you’re stuck on the desert island with no chance of getting an actual woman again, yeah, you fuck her.

    But if there’s just the slightest chance that you would get back to real women, you wouldn’t do it.

    You could catch a serious disease fucking a monkey.

  • Perv

    She’s about as funny as a ten day old dead baby.

  • she

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  • Ben Franklin

    The Ten Day Old Dead Baby is fucking hilarious! He was on Chelsey Handler’s show as one of the guest comedians. He does a lot of jokes about that douchebag talking baby from those investment commercials.

    “Did see that little diaper fuck got another Super Bowl commercial? That makes me sick. As soon as I saw it, I asked my mom why she aborted me and his retard mom let him be born.

    My mom said, because he has a job you stupid cocksucker! Now go flush yourself down the toilet!”

    LOL!!! The Ten Day Old Dead Baby is a fucking comic genius!

  • ****

    The world am need to learned to spell either.