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Sarah Hyland on the Beach of the Day

Sarah Hyland is some 19 year old who is on Modern Family. She started out her career playing Howard Stern’s daughter on Private Parts, making me wonder if he’d make her ride the sybian like she was an actress he didn’t know when she was 7, or if he’s been waiting to make that happen since she was 7 and I guess it doesn’t matter since I don’t have satelite radio and haven’t heard Howard Stern in over a decade, not that I didn’t think he was funny or worth listening to, but because he got banned in Canada and I am to lazy to bother.

She is in her bikini top with her boyfriend, possibly the guy who took her virginity, because at 19 you have two types of girls, the sluts at a young age, or the girls who only give it up to the guy they trust enough and end up dating for 3 years before becoming sluts, even today, when most girls are sucking dick at 14 at blowjob parties and letting dudes fuck them up the ass cuz they learned from the Jonas brother’s that keeps you a “virgin”, there are still the semi-wholesome ones…

Not that it matters…just look at the pics….cuz at 19…whether the girl is hot or not…is always hot cuz the age factor outweighs genetics and natural beauty…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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